Sunday, October 09, 2005

The weekend is nearly gone....

Well once again the Murray family have faced a busy weekend.

I am sure that we all enjoyed spending our afternoon at our friend's house, Dave and Kelly. We have know Dave and Kelly for what seems like a lifetime - I am sure it would be near on 9 years now. Oliver wasn't even born and their boys, Jamie and Matthew, were only little tackers. Cannot believe that Matt turned 10 today and that Jamie is starting high school next year. The food was great - roast beef, potatoes, salad, gravy etc... I even spoiled myself and had a piece of cheesecake and some trifle!!

Back on track tomorrow... Four more sleeps 'til I return to the familiar St Luke's Hall for a weight watchers meeting!! I suppose a little like going back to an old stomping ground. Must good food and exercise wise for the rest of this week.

Time for sleep - I want to be up early to do an exercise DVD!!


PS Dave's brother Jason and his wife, Nereda, had a little girl this afternoon!!! It's their third child and the first two were boys. I am sure that the whole Nagel family were happy when they heard the news!!

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