Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's nearly holiday time....wooooohooooooo!!

Well the trailer is almost packed only a few small things to go in like clothes for us adults plus the food and drinks!! Cross fingers that we will be on our way by 5am like we have planned. May need to get up at about 3 am but it will all be worth it when we get to the camp site, set up and then sit and relax that is after we collect the firewood, get the fire going and work out what is for tea!! But in all seriousness Noel and I are so looking forward to this break. We haven't had a good break since April and that seems like it was so long ago. And I know that the kids are anxious to get there also.

Lots to do in the State Forest besides staring into the fire!! Hopefully I will get to do some walking but there is also four wheel drive tracks to explore, animals to spot, I know that down the road from the campsite there is the Snob's Creek Waterfalls so that will be worth a look. With a bit of luck we will find somewhere to throw in the yabbie nets to get a good feed! Not taking the fishing rods this time but I might just have to use my powers of pleading and venture to the trout farm to catch my favourite fish!! Yummo!! But before we know it it will be time to pack up and come home.

So the next time you will hear from me will be at least next Wednesday evening when we return to civilian life and pry ourselves away from the bush. I will return from my relaxing bush retreat knackered with two feral children that are black from bushlife and who have a large case of television withdrawal symptoms and everything smelling of smoke!! Sounds great and I can't wait!!

Oh before I go - big CONGRATULATIONS to Ms Vicki - great loss this week girl. Keep up the great work. I will definately miss our walks and our chats this week. (I am going to try and be as good as I can while I am away - LOL!!)

Bye for now and I hope everyone backs a winner on the Melbourne Cup!!

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