Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (12th January - 18th January 2011)

We are surviving with the inconvenience of unemployment although I think at the moment the main thing it's testing is our patience waiting for Noel to offered a job.

So on the House of Murray Menu Planner this week is:

Saturday ~ Rosemary and Mustard Kangaroo and Steamed Vegetables
Sunday ~ Asian Braised Beef Ribs with Steamed Rice
Monday ~ Fillet Mignon with Blue Cheese, Onion and Mushroom Sauce
Tue ~ Battered Fish Fillets with Morroccan Spiced Potato Slices, Steamed Vegetables and Parsley Sauce
Wed ~ Toad in the Hole
Thu ~ Homemade Hamburgers with oven fries
Fri ~ Pizza (various)

As you have probably gathered by now, I LIVE for menu planning! By menu planning it ensures that we have a weeks worth of meals organised which is especially useful Monday through Friday when there is not much of the day left after finishing work, picking up the kids from school and having to deal with the tasks of homework, clothes washing, showers, etc., and to do without the hassle of worrying WHAT we are cooking for dinner each night. Honestly if I left deciding what’s for dinner until I go home we wouldn’t eat until midnight!!

I know that our week starts on a Saturday but that’s just for the ease of fitting in with my grocery shopping which is normally done on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. As usual more great menu ideas can be found at Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organising Junkie, don’t be shy pop over and have a look at other’s menu plans. You never know you may just find something different to have for dinner.

Some recipes for things we cook can be found over at our cooking blog, A Dash Of Flavour, normally posted after they have been cooked or just click on the links for each meal when they appear.

Happy cooking,

Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentines Day....

This is the card that I made Noel to celebrate Valentines Day - even though we don't really celebrate Valentines Day as such.

When we ate dinner, Fillet Mignon with a Blue Cheese, Mushroom and Onion Sauce the kids made sure love was on the table.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frankston Beach and a Wild Hog Moment!

We are still trying to conserve our financial resources, which I must say are dwindling but we are so sick of staying in the house.

So Sunday morning we went to Frankston Market and had a walk around. We knew Tanya was having a stall there for the Calenstenics group that Tegan belongs to. So after popping in and seeing her, having a look at the other stalls and bumping into Sharon for the second time this week we headed down the pier for a walk in the fresh air.

I have to say that I am still learning about my camera so I am trying to take every opportunity I can find. It was a nice morning but I have to say it was a tad overcast. I couldn't get any brilliant photographs of the city due to the weather - next time.

We did however have the privilidge of the Harley Davidson Owner's club arriving one by one just as we were leaving and as you can see the kids were treated thanks to one of the ladie bikers.

52 weeks of Organizing - Task # 3 Desk Drawers

Still running behind in this challenge and even starting to run behind in posting on my blog. But task # 3 of Org Junkies Organizing Challenge for 2011 is done and it was the computer desk drawers. The top drawer was an absolute mess - years of cramming, ramming and pushing bits and pieces in and quickly closing the drawer.

The bottom filing drawer wasn't much better:

The outcome - much better and now we can definitely find things:

Wordless Wednesday

52 weeks of Organizing - Task # 2 Ollie's bedroom

Still running behind in this challenge and even starting to run behind in posting on my blog. But task # 2 of Org Junkies Organizing Challenge for 2011 has been completed and it all took place in the boy's bedroom.

Oliver's bedroom is another task on my list as since getting his queen size bed for his birthday it has really annoyed me how messy his bedroom has become and how he did have a lack of room for a growing boy.

This is how it started:

An hour later and we had this:

Both Mother, Father and Son HAPPY!!


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