Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nearly 600kms!!!!

Instead of spending the day yelling at the kids for arguing over silly things "he's got my toy" or "give that back" not to mention "I'm telling on you!" Noel and I decided to pack the family into the 4wd and head off in search of our campsite for the upcoming Cup Weekend. We have put in our annual leave and are looking forward to the 5 day break BUT at the moment have no idea where we are going to set up camp.

To cut a really long story very short - nearly 600kms and we still don't know where we are camping!! LOL!!

However we did find some great off road tracks up near Walhalla and Licola. We had a picnic lunch at Aberfeldy Bridge which was so peaceful right next to the river. Wildlife was abundent on this trip, to the kids enjoyment, as we came across a Lace Monitor, Echidna, Kangaroos, Fox, Rabbits not to mention a few road kill victims!!

One track, Boguane Gap Track, on the map seemed to lead to ideallic riverside camping and caught our interest. Meeting up with other bush bashers upon starting the track it was described to us as a "narly" track. Noel and I looked at each other and thought we are here now might as well have a look! Geeez narly, in my opinion, wasn't the correct word. I think I would have bought "outright scary" in my description. The kids were scared while we were climbing up at one stage and I must admit I burst into a fit of uncontrolable laughter once we reached the top - I think it was out of relief!!

As it was sooooo late dinner wasn't the lasagne we had planned on but instead we stopped and had a chinese meal in Traralgon which was yummy. The kids both ate really well and as we were leaving a nice lady from a table near us commented on how well behaved our kids were. Blushing I thanked her and explained they had been sat in the car all day and I had quite expected them to misbehave but was very proud of them!! And we still had to drive back to Frankston. We left the restaurant at 9pm!

Anyway we have literally walked in the door, the kids are now tucked up in bed after sleeping the last 2 hours in the car, the car has been unpacked and everything put away. Sorry about not walking Vicki but I will chat with you tomorrow....

Needless to say I am off to bed now. I am absolutely shattered!!!!!!

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