Thursday, October 06, 2005

A visit to the doctors! What now?

Noel and I went to the doctor's yesterday. Noel was getting his test results back from last week's visit to the doctor and I required a new prescription for my blood pressure tablets.

All was going well - Noel's results were very good and most were well within the good range (you know cholesteral, blood sugars, kidneys etc.) which is excellent news.

My turn!! Got my prescription and had my blood pressure checked. It has gone up! ?! 135/90 - maybe I was stressing about Noel's results, who knows!! Next the doctor decided to have a look at my last blood test results and notices my glucose (blood sugars) were to high!! "Great " I thought to myself.

Needless to say I have been fasting since last night and I am off to pathology this morning for a two hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). If you have been pregnant you know about this test. Firstly you need to drink this full bottle of sickly sweet horrible lime tasting liquid and then you wait for an hour. Boredom sets in after about 30 minutes!! The first blood test is taken after an hour is up then back to the waiting room for another hour before they take the second blood sample.

Better go and find a good book to take with me.....

I am sooo excited about today! Hopefully something good will happen that I can post about tonight.

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