Friday, January 24, 2014

Touring Tasmania - Day Six: Bruny Island - A day of Food and Adventure.

During our first family trip to Tasmania I had already had my mind made up to take the Bruny Island Safari even before the family set foot on the Apple Isle... not only am I am self-confessed foodie but so too is my husband and our kids have been raised to appreciate food.  I am really not sure what the family actually thought I was obsessed that we were going.....


From the minute we were picked up from our designated location, our tour guide Scotty made us feel welcome.  Once everyone booked was onboard and accounted for the fun began.  From important local information, history and the humorous stories of his past experiences and adventures we made our way from Hobart to Bruny Island.  More importantly he made us all interact and get to know each other by involving us all in conversation.

The places that we visited for tastings were amazing... the Bruny Island Cheese Company, our first stop, got the tastebuds rocking and of course we purchased some of the amazing cheeses that we sampled.  Scotty soon realised why the Murray family came prepared with an esky!! 

The Bruny Island Berry Farm was very interesting and we were amazed at the amount of berries that Graham was growing although sadly January isn't berry season.  The morning tea was delish especially the freshly baked scones served with jam and cream.  A necessary purchase of "Jostaberry" jam was made. 

Lunch was also a treat, local produce and freshly caught fish served at Hotel Bruny - the staff were friendly and very helpful.  Not only was the lunch yummy, so was the Tassie wine and we came away with some souvenir wine glasses. 

Next stop was Get Shucked - fresh oysters.  I like oysters, couldn't really say I was a fan... but that was before today.  I now have a new found love of oysters as does my 15 year old son who has never eaten one.  He not only tried the tasters but went into the shop and purchased two massive oysters, one for him and one for his dad.  I do believe an oyster monster has been born!!  Get Shucked also make their own Homemade Worcestershire Sauce which is delish.  Needless to say 2 dozen oysters and a bottle of sauce made their way into our ever filling esky.


A quick stop waiting for the ferry to return the local store was interesting and also boasting the use of fresh local produce.  None of us were hungry, trust me we hadn't stopped eating all day but the lure of the Wallaby Pie was too good to resist.  Yes we purchased and ate and enjoyed.

Our last stop was Nutpatch Nougat Chocolates was a hidden treasure.... I definitely felt like "a kid in a candy shop".  The chocolates produced were amazing, the tasting of different chocolate was amazing and we left privileged with the fact that we had a bag full of these perfectly crafted little masterpieces in our possession. 

Besides the food.... yes we did take notice of the beautiful scenery rich in history and wonder.  Resolution Creek, where Captain Cook came to shore which also had squeaky sand that was so soft to walk on, Cape Bruny Lighthouse and it’s museum, the National Park, the Rainforest, the wildlife including the white Wallabies and all the coastlines were magnificent. 

For such a small island amazingly our day was full of much more than expected and we had a fantastic time.  For our first "foodie" adventure we had the best time and today has definitely been a highlight of our Tasmanian holiday.

Finally I have to say, and my family will agree, Scotty - you rock!!!  You made our day so memorable, enjoyable, relaxing and very exciting.  Not your average tour guide there was never a dull moment even though you filled our heads with information and made our imagination run wild.  It was a pleasure to meet you and spend the day in your company.  We all extend our thanks to you for an incredible day.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Burgers for lunch

During our tour of Canberra we went to Grill'd for lunch in the City Centre....  we only wanted something light but obviously that's not really available here.

I had the "Hot Mama" beef burger.

Grandma had the "Almighty" beef burger.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

We farewelled 2013 quietly.... we were heading off to Canberra the next morning so no big parties for us.  Importantly being together as a family is very special to us.

Dinner was a nice relaxed steamboat dinner just the five of us. During dinner others in our neighbourhood were letting off fireworks.

The Murray family wish you all the very best for the New Year...
May you be surrounded by family, love, happiness and lots of laughter.
Jo Noel Ollie and Alex xxxx

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