Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Rostered Day Off!!

Well today I have a rostered day off but I can tell you right now there will be no relaxing for this little chick!

The washing is already on the go, the herbs and plants have been watered, the kids are still snoozing so they must have needed the extra sleep.

What else is in store for today?

I have to take Oliver to school and then I am off to the doctors. I am going to get the results of my Glucose Tolerance Test today. Not sure if I am anxious or not at the moment. But I have decided not to stress about it until I am at least sitting in the waiting room.

Alex has her final orientation session at the primary school and that is 12.30 - 1.30pm. She is soooooo excited about going - hasn't stopped nattering about it all week.

5 o'clock this afternoon I am picking my aunty up as she is coming for dinner. Aunty Maggie is down from QLD for a couple of weeks so it will be great to catch up. The kids are looking forward to it also. Roast lamb and all the trimming (low fat version of course) is on the menu.

So needless to say inbetween the doctors and school and school and Aunty Maggie coming I need to do some serious cleaning around the house - yes that mini hurricane has been through again!! LOL!!

By the way isn't the new prince of Denmark absolutely cute... and Mary well she looks radiant and calm - I am not one bit envious of the sleepless nights ahead! Mind you I am sure she has plenty of hired help.... unlike the real mother's of the world.

Got to fly now... busy busy busy.

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