Saturday, October 22, 2005

Finally - the right camp site

Geez after 3 weeks of driving around various state forests, national parks and basically anywhere that resembled bush and had a river/creek close by we have finally found a camp site. We have been planning to go camping for the Melbourne Cup Weekend for the last 6 months or so but until today unsure about where we were going to pitch the tent.... but today we found the right spot.

Sounds silly I know but there were severeal requisites for the "Right" spot.
1. Near water
2. Fairly isolated - didn't want to be surrounded by people especially yahoo's
3. Grassy not sandy/dirty

Call us fussy if you wish but we like to be comfortable and once we pitch tent we are there for 5 days so why shouldn't we get the right spot? All the truck drivers at my work are picking on us for being "too fussy" and saying "you should just go and camp - campings all about taking the rough with the good" but everyone has there standards. I have been laughed at by blokes that just throw out a swag once they have found their destination to a bloke that although he agreed with the others actually goes to his onsite van that is fitted with a tv and dvd player... right like that is roughing it.

But we are off to Snob's Creek next Friday and will camp there until the following Wednesday. There is the creek running right past the campsite which will provide the water for showers and dishes etc. Not sure if it is drinkable but will take water in with us. The site is not accessable by normal car only 4wd and is set quite a way from the main road. Cross fingers that we will be the only ones heading for the site this weekend. It is big enough to fit maybe two camps on there but it would be nice to be by ourselves.

Well it is now past 10 o'clock and I have been up since 5am as I had to work this morning - so the bed is definately the next thing on the agenda!!

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