Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Midsummers Night Swim....

Or should I say paddle?  Whichever the water was enough to cool everyone down from the mad Melbourne heat that we are experiencing at the moment.

Airconditioners are running full bore, fans are swinging from side to side in hope of moving around some much needed cool air and everyone is getting grumpy due to the heat!!

Monday, January 02, 2012

A Heatwave..... Forecast 40°C!!

Summer has well and truly hit us here in Melbourne.  Thankfully the wading pool was a good investment.  Alex loves it in there - getting in at every chance.....

It was so hot today that we went to the cinema trying to hide from the heat.

We saw The Adventures of Tin Tin and it was brilliant.  All of us enjoyed it including Grandma.

Dinner was cooked on the BBQ as we really didn't need any extra heat in the house.  We had Barbecued Lamb and Vegetables which was delish.....

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A trip to Hastings....

It was hot and New Years Day - we didn't have anything planned.  Oliver had gone out with his friend Jai.  We decided to go for a drive down the penninsula but by the time we got to Dromana the traffic was practically stopped so we did a slight detour making our way to Hastings.

A nice impromptu lunch of fish and chips under a shady tree... a walk down the pier and then it was home time.


New Years Eve 2011

LNew Years Eve was destined to be a quiet one - nothing planned, no parties, etc but a chance conversation saw Mel, Steve and Jai over for the evening and it turned out brilliant.

We served up some nibblies, cooked marinated half chooks on the bbq served with some salad, did some shots, chatted away until we all saw the New Year of 2012 in.

Followed of course by a swim as it was still hot......

 They do look somewhat large for the wading pool but it got them cool so their mission was complete!!

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