Monday, October 03, 2005

Back to school...

Back to school today for Oliver and after yesterday's adventure he really didn't want to get up early but I am really proud of his efforts. It was really good to see him back in his uniform.

So now for me and the kids it is back to the routine of getting up early, making lunches, dropping Oliver off at before school care and then Alex off at creche. And of course picking them up in time in the afternoon. Thankfully Alex will be at school next year and it should make the mornings a little easier at least. Love them both dearly but they are soooooo hard to motivate some mornings!!

Alex took her lunch box to creche for the first time today - it is part of school preparedness!! She was really excited and it couln't go in her bag it had to be carried for the world to see. She is very proud of the fact it is off to school next year.

Another walk with Vicki tonight - 4kms! My legs aren't as bad as they have been - obviously I am FINALLY getting used to it! Work was really boring except for all the truck drivers, who also double as bush bashers, discussing our family adventure yesterday - lol - they were amazed at the tracks that we took. Several of them were familiar with the track dubbed the "narly" one!!!

Nite all.......

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