Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blood Tests all clear......

Today was my third day off work due to tiredness and not feeling well at all.  As I mentioned on Tuesday I had blood and urine tests to ensure that nothing awful was going on in this body of mine. 
So off to the Doctor's I went......  The results had returned today and although I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself out of tiredness and stress the results were actually quite good.  Thyroid all good, no signs of any infections, cholesteral perfect, yes perfect, my blood sugars are way too high. 
Needless to say that it was quite a relief hearing that I wasn't facing anything life threatening except for a DIET to help lower my blood sugars without changing my current Diabetes medication. 
Some things in life need to change a little for this member of the House of Murray.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sick is not a choice I normally make....

Months and months of long hours and burning the candle at both ends has finally taken it's toll I fear....... I have found myself feeling tired every morning when I get out of bed and of late have had a general feeling of being unwell.

I deided to bite the bullet and go see the doctor to explain how I felt in hope there would be an explanation allowing me to get some "you-bute" medication that would be a wonder cure.

Instead I was told a full blood test would be in order........ bloody fantastic!!  I hate blood tests.  It's not the fear of the needle as needles do not bother me at all. Believe it or not it is actually the few days waiting for the results. 

The waiting makes my mind wander, imagine, and presume that all the tests will come back showing some horrendous disease...... yes I am my own worse enemy!!

So the wait begins...........

Friday, February 07, 2014

It's nearly the weekend.....

It is nearly the weekend and for once.... yes doesn't happen very often.  So we as a family are going to make the most of it. 

Tonight some of my favourte ladies are coming over for drinks... Heather and Bernie cannot wait to catch up tonight.

Then Saturday and Sunday we actually do not have any plans - but saying this it always changes without notice.

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