Friday, October 07, 2005

Glucose Tolerance Test....

Well for a simple blood test 4 hours in a waiting room is an awfully long time! My appointment was for 9am but the horrible girl on reception decided not to listen to the fact that I had an appointment snapping just take a number off the wall and wait your turn!! Put me in a bad mood straight away. Needless to say at 10 to 10 I finally went in to the sister and she was angry at the fact that I hadn't come through straight way - especially as I had been fasting. The lime glucose drink was as disgusting as I remembered it from both pregnancies as was the hour long wait between the next two blood tests! I left pathology at midday.

Funny though how the next four hours just disappeared. Before I knew it I was picking the kids up from school and rushing around the house preparing dinner. Off to swimming was next on the agenda and finally at about 9pm I sat down to relax only to fall asleep.

Back to work today.

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