Thursday, October 20, 2005

A small loss...

Well what a last 48 hrs... my posts are becoming as eratic as my moods LOL!! Actually I am not that bad!!

Doctors yesterday brought good results all round. The GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) came back normal and in a healthy range and my blood pressure was perfect. Needless to say I left the doctors beaming and having a new outlook on how my day was going to go.

Alex enjoyed her last session at the primary school for this year. The next time she will participate in a classroom activity is when she starts her first day next year. They had rabbits in the classroom and all enjoyed playing with them. Us lucky mam's had tea and coffee with the principal, vice principal and one of the prep teachers in the library.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house for Aunty Maggie's visit. We then went to Frankston to meet up with her but she was late - as usual! Unfortunately she has been like it forever!! My mam and dad used to tell her dinner was an hour early just so she would be there on time. Even though our dinner was late the kids did really well and the whole evening was over before it seemed to begin.

Back to work today - quite a busy one as I was preparing for my assessment training over at Bacchus Marsh tomorrow. I have another 2 hr each way drive to look forward and then two competency assessments to complete. With luck I hope to leave there before 3pm or I will catch all the city traffic and be really late home.

My first week's weigh in tonight for my fresh start and I had a small loss - was hoping for more but as Vicki said 'a loss is a loss'. I definately need to focus more over the weekends although I was proud of making myself accountable this week.

Going now as I am dead tired and need to syke myself up for the morning.

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