Thursday, October 13, 2005

I face the scales tonight!

Well tonight is the night. I am going to my new (actually old) Weight Watchers meeting and starting a new weekly cycle.

Tuesday still seemed weird - you know not rushing around with kids, getting changed and getting to the church hall is Seaford to set up for our evening meeting. It will be definately different to go tonight, pay and sit for a meeting. I am quite looking forward to it. Going with Vicki will be good also as we can give each other a little more support than just being walking buddies!!

It's all about making myself accountable and I am sure 200% that if I focus hard enough I will be able to lose the extra kgs that I am carrying, bring my BP undercontrol and get on with a long enjoyable life.... right??

Only the scales will tell.............

1 comment:

Vicki said...

It was good to have you there my friend. Just remember I'm on your back too, as you are on mine...LOL

I think we've been very good for each other and I REALLY don't know how I would be going if not for you and our walks. I know I wouldn't be doing 4k walks by myself and I ever would have got the DVD's you gave me


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