Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

The house of Murray was busy today - not busier than usual but none the less an enjoyable day was had by all.

The last 24 hours disappeared fast as usual - funny how Saturdays and Sundays just past you buy whereas Monday thru Friday drag like there is no tomorrow!!

I worked half the day today starting at 6am (yuk) but with end of month I was determined to get out of the office by lunchtime. Noel stayed with the kids as there was no work due to an RDO yesterday.

After shopping, cleaning and preparing for the evening ahead the house become a buzz of excitment. We were ready for to have a bbq with a new family. I have been walking with Vicki, as you know from previous posts, and we decided it was time to get the two families together as the kids were anxious to meet each other. Without fail after every walk I got asked "when can we meet the boys?" LOL!! It was nearly time. Oliver and Alex kept peering out the loungeroom window, jumping on the trampoline (which is out the front) with anticipation. Noel and I knew when they had arrived by the squeals and yelling only my two could make.

The evening went well, we had a yummy bbq which I am sure was well within our points for the day. I had saved some by having a small breakie and lunch. I maybe had one or two many wines but it was Saturday night. We ended the night with a fire box - that was great. We haven't had one for a while especially during winter. The smell of the wood burning just brought back memories of sitting around the campfire and just relaxing underneath the stars... lol... won't be long until we will be off camping again.

As a family we enjoyed ourselves last night and hope The Knox family did too!!

Not sure what the day holds for today... let you know tonight!!

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