Friday, October 07, 2005

Ten Pin Bowling!

Work today sucked!! Bigtime! I think it was more the fact of returning to work on a Friday of all days. Thankfully it is over now.

Anyway the exciting news for today is that Oliver has gone back to league ten pin bowling. He missed last season but played the season before and is very proud of his trophy which has a special place in his bedroom. Kyle, his cousin, is playing also and their team name in the Ankle Biters League is "The Gutterball Cousins" - they chose the name between them! I didnt' get to the alley tonight as work held me up but according to Noel and Claire they had a fun session and both played well.

Another quiet night for Noel and I as the kids are at their grandparents. Both of us are working in the morning. Dinner tonight will be Fish Parcels - very healthy and easy to make.

Off to relax in the quiet - it's amazing what the dishwasher and the washing machine sound like when the kids aren't screaming at each other or arguing!! LOL!!

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