Monday, October 24, 2005

Sooooo much is happening......

I know that between now and January 1st 2006 is going to fly past and if I procrastinate tooooooo much I am going to miss heaps!! To be honest I cannot believe it is nearly the end of October which means only 61 more sleeps until the fat man in the red suit blesses us all with his presence (including the wrapped variety)!! OMG that is not many sleeps at all!!

The camping trip is coming along nicely and I will be the first to put my hand up and say I was in a much better frame of mind this morning... at least we know where we are going so it is full steam ahead on that topic now. So roll on Friday I am ready to pitch tent and relax!! Like as if!!

Had a wonderful phonecall from my friend Kerry, who is in Sydney, today and it really brightened my day. Stace and her are planning a trip down in December for a girly weekend and they are staying with us (I wouldn't have it any other way). Can't wait to hear what they both plan when they get together this weekend.

The goods news was coming from all angles today. A message on my answering machine to tell me that my girlfriend Trinity's little girl Willow was home from hospital finally. Willow was born at 27 weeks (yep 13 weeks prem) and weighed 785 grams at birth. She has done really well and battled all the odds associated with being soooo early and wooohooooo she is home. I can just imagine how happy both Donovan and Trinity are. It is just a shame that they now live in Queensland and I can't be there to help out.

Logging on to the Weight Watchers forums I see that the Muskerettes are starting to be a force together once more with the exception of Rhiain who has disappeared without a trace. I will try and call her tomorrow to make sure all is okay. Julz is doing well with her pregnancy although she may be out in her dates by four weeks unless she is having a huge baby!! LOL!! Gina is not far off embarking on her journey to the east coast and I am really looking forward to catching up with her once more.

I think it has been decided within the family that Christmas will be spent at our house. I really don't mind as most of you know that I enjoy entertaining. So it looks like roast turkey with all the trimmings and christmas pudding for lunch and possibly a seafood dinner. I am glad it is at house acutally as I know what is happening and our kids don't have to go from house to house to ensure that all the family is seen. Both Noel's family and my family will get together for lunch.

Oh well better fly I still have lots to organise this week before Friday......

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