Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Geez it's good to walk!!

Well never thought that would actually come from me - but honestly it really was good to walk! Vicki and I haven't walked since last Monday but it seems like an eternity. As I am sitting here I can still feel the soles of my feet and most of the muscles in my legs are still feeling all 6000 odd steps - but no pain no gain right?

I am still looking forward to a fresh start with a new Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday however I am worried that there will be a difference in the two sets of scales. I know that the Frankston meeting uses digital scales whereas the Seaford meeting used the old fashioned scales. I prefer the older ones as I believe they are more acurate but we do have to keep up with technology.

Speaking of new technology roll on the space age of the Jetsons where you press a button and your meal pops out of the machine on the wall, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner not forgetting the snacks!! LOL!! I still have to cook dinner for Noel and I - thankfully I fed the kids before I left for my walk.

Better head towards the kitchen.

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