Saturday, January 23, 2010

What shall we do this weekend?

It's the 2nd last weekend of the school holidays, school resumes on February 1st and what a big year it is going to be for both Ollie, who is starting High School and Alex, who is now in Grade 4 but changing schools. They have both only known the one school so this will be a massive change for them.

Ollie got his uniform the other day, Noel took him shopping while I worked.

He looked very smart I must admit although it did bring a tear to my eye just thinking about hime growing up! In my heart he will always be my little boy but in my eyes he is turning into a hansome young man!! Infact I still can't really get used to the idea that he IS starting High School!!

We are going shopping for Alex's new uniform this afternoon. Unlike Oliver, who wasn't fussed who brought his uniform just as long as he got it, Alex wants me to go shopping with her. Afterall we are buying a dress. Yes a dress!! Since both Alex and Oliver first started school their uniform consisted of a polo shirt, bomber jacket and either shorts or track pants. This year is different. Alex can wear a dress as part of the uniform if she likes and of course she likes that idea!! I'll post some photo's of madame after the big purchase.

So what else is planned for the weekend???

Well actually not much at this stage except for the usual household chores and grocery shopping. I shall have to see what Noel wants to do but I kind of have it in my head that we need to have FUN as a family. Either tonight or Sunday, just spend some good and FUN family time together that doesn't involve the Wii, Playstation or watching a DVD. I know that the carnival/fair is at Frankston Foreshore and at Rosebud so that could be the go or then again there is Luna Park!!

Tuesday is Australia Day and most of Australia takes Monday as an annual leave day or a Rostered Day Off to have a long weekend but I am doing that next week when the kids start school.. I want to be there even though Oliver would be quite happy to go alone! So I am working and

Tuesday is also the Balnarring Cup, the biggest race meet of their 6 race season. It's only a small country race club nothing like Flemington or Caulfield which suits us just fine. We love the family atmosphere not the la-de-de-da's of the socialite scene associated with the suburban race meets. So, as proud members, we are off to the Balnarring Races again, which as usual should be fun. I actually think we will be the only ones going this year. We haven't invited anyone as yet and Noel's parents didn't renew their membership! But that's okay - the four of us will have fun not to mention a few bets on the horses, as usual!!

So let the weekend begin......

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