Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Balnarring Cup

WOW yesterday was a great day..... just the four of us went to the picnic races for the Balnarring Cup and also for Australia Day. It was planned so that we could spend a few more hours of quality time just the four of us considering next week school starts and routine returns!

Dressed suitably (well we thought so) we headed to the racecourse and set up camp for the day.

This year we took the weber and had a leg of lamb planned for lunch. Funnily enough we haven't been roasting in the weber recently (using the direct heat method to BBQ foods) and therefore actually left the lid at home... no fear though we managed to cook our leg of lamb even if the weber looked like a space ship!! LOL!! We ended up with roast lamb and gravy rolls. Didn't want to chance trying to cook vegetables as well but overall it was really good.

This year we were further down the fence line... I couldn't believe how many people were there before us and we got there at 9.30am. It worked out good though as for one of the races they started right in front of us and that was brilliant.

As far as become rich from the nags - well once again that didn't happen but we did catch up with friends, Jason and Nerida. I cannot remember the last time we saw them so that we great to see them again. Also saw Pete and Tanya from the football club as well as Michelle, another football mam.

We couldn't really complain about the weather yesterday. Really nice in the morning but then the wind picked up, and of course that coupled with the sun meant we all got a little burnt even though we had sunscreen on.

The Balnarring Cup Day is always such a busy day - a great atmosphere and well worth making the trip down the Penninsula if you want a great family day out.

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Trish said...


it looks like you had a fun day out. Love the new webber cover



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