Monday, January 25, 2010

What a fun weekend we had.....

Well this would definitely go down as one of those weekends that was so much fun..... everyone enjoyed themselves and it was good to hear all of us laugh that's for sure.

Saturday afternoon we quickly went and organised Alex's uniform for school, so she is now sorted in that department. They didn't have all the stock so we will go and pick up the remainder Saturday coming. Unfortunately her school dress was one of those items... so she wasn't overly happy!

After a quick look around Frankston it was home to get ready for Luna Park. I cannot remember the last time we went to Luna Park. I know that we have been once with the kids when they were a lot smaller.

We arrived early before dinner, as I didn't want them to eat before going on the rides for the sake of them being sick.... so the place wasn't lit up but the atmosphere was there. Alex and Oliver tried out most of them... Alex surprising us with what she was game to go on even though she came off crying!

Alex loved this ride... it just drops, goes back up and drops again..... stomach churning if you ask me! I think Alex actually went on this 4 times....

Oliver thought "G Force" was the best.... he managed to go on it 3 times... once with Alex who didn't really like it at all. We could hear her yelling at Oliver when it was spinning around.

The Spider was pretty cool - Noel and Oliver went on this. Noel did the proper fatherly thing and ensured that he made the chair they were in spun heaps... we all went on this again later. Alex and I sat together, Oliver sat with Noel again. Alex didn't like this ride either.

This ride looks sedate when you start off with and as you can see Alex was happy enough getting on it with her dad.

It starts off spinning and as it builds up speed it tilts upwards on a 90 degree angle and you are basically spinning upside down for a few rotations... I have to say we are both proud of Alex getting on this one but I somehow don't think she will ever again. She came off this one in tears and white as a sheet!
Needless to say... she liked the carousel and went on this one several time HAPPILY!!

I must admit though I still really don't have the stomach for some rides but of course some one has to take the photo's, right?

Sunday was a trip to Collingwood Children's Farm and then a walk around Ikea in Richmond. Both filling up the afternoon more so at Ikea due to the size of the shop... my favourite shop of all times... I guess it's just like Bunnings but with furniture!! LOL!!

We stopped in St Kilda for dinner also. We don't go to St Kilda for what seems like forever and then end up there twice in one weekend... lol!!

We went to Chinta Blues Malaysian Hawker Bar and it was really nice. Started off with some Roti Bread and Peanut sauce, for mains Noel had Nyoinya Prawns, I had Ayam Ri (a really nice chicken stirfry), Oliver had Crispy Fried Beef Noodles and Alex had curry puffs and special fried rice. If you are in St Kilda and want a really nice feed this is the place to go. It's in Acland Street just around the corner from The Prince of Wales Hotel. Sitting out on the pavement watching the ever amazing sights of St Kilda!! Nice food, nice atmosphere and a good end to a great weekend...

I have to say I am rather tired today and at work, to make matters worse! Hoping for an early night as we are off to Balnarring Picnic Races tomorrow to celebrate Australia Day.... and I have just heard that a leg of lamb has been purchased for lunch!!

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