Thursday, January 14, 2010

TAA Upgrade to Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Many of you may know that part of my job is as a Trainer and Assessor. Along with my normal tasks at work (weigh bridge operation, purchasing, payroll, plant maintenance, etc) this is something that I have been doing, when required, for the last four years. Hanson paid for me to get my original qualification, BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, and since then I conduct training and assessing for our computer based competencies throughout our Victorian and Tasmanian quarries.

For the last year or so I have been completing a TAA Upgrade to Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAA40104). The upgrade was to the Certificate IV I already have incorporating changes etc to the Australian Standards and all that technical jargon.The upgrade meant I had to attend further classes at Pollak Learning Alliance for 5 days (thankfully paid for by Hanson again!) and then complete a rather lengthy and detailed assessment displaying my knowledge and understanding. It required me to write and conduct training plans and packages of various learning styles at my work and submit feedback from my trainees, etc.

To be honest it has taken me longer than it should have, due to work commitments and lack of personal motivation I was granted some extensions, but I finally completed it and submitted it for assessment the week before Christmas. That was my deadline - no more extensions would be granted. I really struggled to finish it as it had been so long inbetween starting the course and completing the class work. Infact I was rather worried that what I submitted was incorrect.

Anyway my assessment was submitted and I have been waiting for a result. Pollak did say it could take up to a month and with the Christmas holidays even longer.

Since this happened I have also been promoted within my company to become a fulltime Trainer and Assessor - did I do a happy dance or what? My new job title will be Southern Region - Trainer and Assessor and I will be still focusing on the computer based competencies and learning but mainly based within the concrete division of the company. I was meant to start on the 11th January but with the staff shortages at Harkaway it would not have been fair on Joe, my manager for me just to up and leave!

Today I got my result via email.... I was quite worried about reading the email as I explained I wasn't convinced I had submitted a correct assessment.

Here is what the email said ~

Hi Joanne

Congratulations you have been deemed competent in your Upgrade to TAA assessment.

You should receive your Statement of Attainment within the week.

Kind regards

Phew - I PASSED!!! Another happy dance done today!

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