Friday, January 22, 2010

De-Clutter ~ 1 task complete!

I mentioned the other day that I have commenced a mammoth task of de-cluttering my LIFE, all inclusive! Everything must be sorted!!

And although I have a huge mission ahead of me I can already claim success with the completion of my first task... my handbag and purse.

Many know that a woman's handbag is sacred and normally holds everything but the kitchen sink and more but it was getting to the stage that I am struggling to find things I know are in there and actually getting surprised at what I am finding instead.

Out of the handbag came this......

Handbag complete... it's a slouch bag so hard to take photo's plus it has 3 inside compartments.

Middle compartment I do normally keep bills etc., and still will. But now I have individual envelopes (which I am going to replace with little cases such as pencil cases but more lightweight - I have seen what I need).

My purse seriously needed some sorting out as well. Out of the purse came all of these... (no lucky find of a stash money to be found amongst everything of course!!)

Purse complete ....
BUT mission completed - now I have to keep it that way!!!

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