Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Normality - does it exist at our house?

Well as I mentioned my Mam returned to Brisbane yesterday and I already miss her!! Now that she has gone, it's back to just the four of us being at home and settling back into our routine, our ways of doing things, our little world!

I wouldn't really say that the house has officially returned to normality! Although many of our friends would never put "The Murray Family" and "normality" in the same sentence as we tend to do things differently to most. But we enjoy the way we are dealing with this thing called life ensuring that the obvious gets done and more importantly fun is had!

Another couple of weeks of school holidays to survive and Noel hasn't returned back to work yet as his holidays finish on the 27th. The kids will spend a few days up with their Nana and Grandad at the end of January and then 1st of February sees the start of the school year.

During the next two weeks we will be getting ready for the start of school, getting books organised and buying uniforms, etc.

A couple of weekends left to have lots of fun, including going to the Balnarring Picnic Races on Australia Day for the Balnarring Cup!!

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