Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's time I DE-CLUTTERED!!

"Hi my name is Jo and I am a HOARDER!"

There I said it.... Not a small hoarder either - a rather large one. I have paperwork, mementos even postcards from when I was little. I keep things that I think are too good, might be useful, can't throw away because so and so gave this to me! In fact it is rather scary what I have actually held onto over the years.

But with reading some great sites such as I'm An Organizing Junkie I have decided that I can no longer live smothered and in a disorganized environment. It's annoying me that I always feel like I am surrounded by mess, moving one pile to the next, hiding something in a cupboard here a drawer there - not too mention I seriously have to spend time de-cluttering my head but that's a whole other story!

Laura, site owner of I'm An Organizing Junkie, is a wonderful resource and has taken the time to break down the steps of PROCESS and inspire many people to get themselves, their families and their lives also. She is also the instigator of Menu Plan Monday, which I have taken part in for quite a while now, actually since coming across her wonderful site.

In fact February brings Org Junkie's 28 day challenge which I intend to participate in and post some successful de-cluttering images. Although the Laura suggests "simply selecting a small space or a whole room and spend the month of February transforming your space from clutter and chaos to sanity and order" - I have decided that while this will take a huge effort my space is the WHOLE HOUSE!! Walking around our house last night I took photo's of all rooms and hidden spaces, etc, so now all we need to do is work out where we will start, which room will get the makeover first. The hardest thing I believe will NOT be the throwing out or recycling I think it will be starting and finishing one task at a time. Knowing that I will begin to see success and feel relief I will want INSTANT ALL AT ONCE FINISH if you know what I mean? If one room can look great they all need to look great mentality!

As of today we will start... start de-cluttering our environment, freshening up not only our house, but our lives and our future...... wish us luck!

I can see many trips to the rubbish tip!!

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Peta said...

Good Luck
Im not a hoarder persay. I do have lot's of 'stuff' but it all has a place in our home (this is what I tell hubby anyway)lol..but we have lot's of kids so we have lot's of 'stuff' anyway..


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