Saturday, January 09, 2010

A day driving around the coastline.....

After having another sleep in this morning - something I could really get used to doing but something I don't think I could let myself do, we were wondering what we could do for the remainder of the day.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous even if a little on the warm side. Melbourne had a forecast of 32 degrees Celsius today leading to 41 degrees Celcius on Monday.

We ended up all agreeing on going for a drive to get us out of the house. Now many of our friends know when we say a drive - we mean an epic adventure.

Off we headed down the Mornington Peninsula at a very slow pace due to all the traffic also heading in the same direction, stopping only once in Rosebud to grab a bite of food for lunch. It always amazes me while driving down the highway in mid summer at all the people squished into caravans and tents along the foreshore for their annual holidays along the seaside! Something I have never wished to do as it reminds me of sardine tins stacked on the supermarket shelves.... but each to their own I guess.

Our next stop was Sorrento to catch the ferry across to Queenscliff. I have to say there is something romantic and something very calming when crossing the bay even if it is on a public ferry with many other people. I am not quite sure how many people or cars that the ferry holds but it's not a bad journey from one side of Port Phillip Bay to the other in 40 minutes. The kids always enjoy being on the ferry and I must admit so do I.

Upon arriving at Queensliff we ventured to Geelong where we had a quick stroll along the beach there, now notably known as the worst beach we have ever been too considering the strong smell of rotting seaweed that was overpowering whilst paddling our feet in the water. The kids had a bit of a splash around but overcome by the stench we quickly head back to the car and made our way back home.

Dinner was at the Sandringham Hotel. A nice meal at a pub that as a younger person used to frequent quite a bit, with family and friends while on a pub crawl. God some memories came flooding back when I walked into the pub, that's for sure.

We were home by 9pm all full to the brim with food, a little weary and dare I say a little sun burnt which I am starting to feel now.... off to get the moisturiser now I think.....

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