Saturday, January 09, 2010

Over a week gone already!!!!

I just cannot believe that it's the 9th of January and one week plus a few days of this New Year has passed already.

So what have the Murray's been up to? To be honest we haven't done a great deal really although we have done a few things worth mentioning... lol!!!

Last Sunday (the 3rd) we went to the Balnarring Races with Mam, Jamie and the boys. Normally as it's the first race meet of the year all the family go to celebrate my birthday but this year as the meet was earlier than normal we decided that it would be nice if it was just us, Jamie and all the grandkids for Mam's sake. Basically it was so Mam could spend more quality time with them.

~ Back left to right ~ Stuart, 9, and Kyle, 11 ~
~ Front left to right ~ Alexandria, 8, Wesley, 5, Angus, 3 and Oliver, 12 ~

It was a great day, the weather wasn't overly hot but as usual it was good atmosphere and good company. Jamie is getting more relaxed each time he is with us... I guess now that the settlement from the sale of the house is over a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. I still think it's great he wants us to be a part of the boys lives.

We took the small weber with us this time and had a bbq - sausages and steak. Noel did the honours of cooking again - he is just too good!!

Yesterday was my birthday - 39 years old... OMG next year is a big one!! Noel, Mam and the kids brought me a treadmill for my birthday. Yey something that I wanted and something I will use definitely in my quest for the new lighter and healthier Jo this year!! Most of the family went to the Lynbrook Hotel for lunch. A nice place to eat at and an all you can eat buffet, which always delights Noel and the kids especially when you can help yourself.

Honestly I wasn't feeling too well (having stomach problems again) before we went, but I put on a brave face and went. Jamie was in a fantastic mood, chatting away and telling us what he's been up to, Mam and Dad were quite quiet and as the afternoon transpired the atmosphere of the day just wasn't great either. Sean and Christian came but arrived late, Vicky and Daniel stayed at home as Vicky wasn't coping to well yesterday, so that topic fill most of the lunch conversation which actually put a depressing tinge on my birthday luncheon although everyone managed to smile for Alex taking photo's with her new camera.

I don't want to sound selfish but that's how it felt. I understand what Vicky and Sean are going through is life altering and huge but as Mam M said to Sean "if it's actually that bad why are you here? Shouldn't you be at home with your wife?" hhhhmmmmm I knew I should have just stayed at home!! Crossing fingers that they work out things soon.

Oh well my birthday is over now..... thank God!! Only another 364 days until I have another one.

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