Saturday, January 30, 2010

My last day at Harkaway Quarry

Today is my last day working at Harkaway Quarry - I finish my last shift here at 12pm. Infact most of the crew here finish their last shift also. Harkaway Quarry has ceased production of aggregates and once sales has taken the last of the stockpiles the gates will be locked forever.

Here are some images of the quarry and where I have called home for 8 years.... as you will see this is no place for princesses - hence I had to leave my tiara at the gate!

This is the weighbridge where trucks are ticketed as they leave the quarry....

The office....

The crushing plant...

The quarry hole....

I have to survive my emotions of saying goodbye today. We had a small site bbq last night and all was good until I had to say goodbye to my boss, Joe. I found this really hard but was brave only crying once I got into the car and was driving away. Joe and I have worked together off and on since I started 8 years ago. We have always got along well and during our working relationship he has always been very helpful, provided guidance and advice, supportive and more importantly was there for me when I just needed to be a girl (especially considering I, most times, was the only female on site)!! I would have to say over my whole working career, Joe is the best boss I have had. Joe is moving on to another quarry within the company.

Saying farewell to Rod was also hard. He too was like Joe but was somewhat of a father figure to me. Rod is going on long service leave as of February 1st which will lead into his retirement. Rod has a heart of gold and will be sadly missed from our day to day happenings, his jokes, his stories and his shoulders!! Yes he let me be a girl occasionally too!

Working with both these remarkable men was definitely a two way street and I really enjoyed it being so. I wish the two of them all the best as they deserve nothing less.

Don't panic I am still working with Hanson just in a different role and based in Clarinda (near Oakleigh). As of Monday my new title is Southern Region Trainer and Assessor - Concrete Division!! Crikey what a mouthful.

I know some of you know that I already hold a Cert IV in Training And Assessing, and have been conducting training/assessing for some years now but only on a part time basis and within the Quarry Division of Hanson. But now I get to do it full time!! And more importantly NO Saturday work so I get my weekends back!!

Southern Region means I get to look after the training needs within Victoria and Tasmania so I am pretty much in awe about that. There are quite a few more concrete plants than quarries in both states so I do have a huge job ahead of me. But a job that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth and brain into - a job that will give me the mental challenge that I have been yearning for this last 12 months or so.

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Trish said...


I imagine you have wonderful memories to draw on when you need them.

All the best for Monday



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