Friday, October 10, 2008

Enjoying being back in routine!

For sure - must say love routine. The kids have grown up with it with us both working fulltime and them attending creche and now before/after school care. Everyone knows what each has to do in the mornings so that everyone gets out the front door at precisely the right time...... sometimes we are a little off track but normally we get it right!

Cannot actually believe that it's Friday already but I must say we are all looking forward to the weekend as it's "OUR" time. Tonight we are off to a bbq with friends so that should be another good night. And bedside the obvious cleaning and shopping we have nothing planned for the rest of the weekend and the weather is looking good with 28 deg forecast for Sunday.

It's all good news on my nephew and I had forgotten to mention that he came home on the 1st October - he is still having blood tests, appointments at both Monash and the Royal Childrens Hospitals, etc but at least he is at home which makes it easier for my sister especially having the other three boys to look after also. We have exchange a few phone calls since my nephew's release from hospital but the communication seems to be starting to become limited once more. I have sent her a few text messages and rang her this morning so I am crossing fingers that things might eventually get better as far as our relationship is concerned. But not holding my breath!

My mam enjoyed her cruise, I am so glad that she took the plunge and treated herself. She went with a friend so it was two women out on the ocean enjoying themselves! Sunday was her birhtday, so we all sang happy birthday over the phone. She loved her present, a nice top/pants outfit, we sent up for her birthday. She wore it out for lunch on her birthday with my aunty and the girls. It is great that she has a really good circle of friends up on the island - I know that she is not on her own even though it's not the same as family. So I am really happy that she is enjoying life at the moment.

So overall the planets seem to be some what alligned enough to bring me happiness at the moment so I am off to enjoy it - that is as soon as I finish work for the day!

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