Monday, October 20, 2008

A focus on the future!

I have decided that it is time now not to continue dwelling on the past and on things that I have no control of! Too much of my time is spent pondering the "what ifs" and "why" of my life that I am not moving on. So with a little prompting from my blogger friend Chris I have set myself a challenge to help me move on. I have made a list of 101 things that I want/need to achieve/complete in 1001 days. Here goes:

101 in 1001!
Start: 19/10/2008
Finish: 17/07/2011
1. Lose 5kgs
2. Lose 10kgs
3. Lose 15kgs
4. Lose 20kgs
5. Lose 25kgs
6. Lose 30kgs
7. Lose 35kgs
8. Lose 36.7kgs and make it to goal!
9. Go camping once a year (0/3)
10. Have a New Years Eve Party at our house.
11. Get rid of clothes that I no longer wear or haven't worn.
12. Learn to speak Welsh.
13. Have a family holiday other than camping.
14. Host a "How to Host A Murder" dinner party
15. Complete a marathon
16. Have a pap smear
17. Visit Mam is Queensland
18. Organise a family get together - both sides.... OMG!!
19. Have a party for Noel's 40th in April 2009
20. Get a tattoo.
21. Buy a house
22. Reduce my Blood Pressure to a normal rate
23. Meet up with Ali (from school)
24. Meet up with Jo (from school)
25. Go to a concert
26. Have a poker night
27. Read an auto-biography or a biography
28. Create a website
29. Learn how to play chess
30. Stop taking BP Medicine because I am healthy
31. Hold a full chinese dinner party (cooked from scratch)
32. Go to an AFL match
33. Repair dining table
34. Have a garage sale
35. Catch a crayfish
36. Spend a weekend at a health spa
37. Go on the Spirit of Tasmania with the family
38. Play a Bob Dylan song on the guitar
39. Go out for dinner with my mam
40. Grow an orchid
41. Learn how to ball room dance
42. Read the Bible
43. Hold a spider
44. Host an Indian Dinner party (cooked from scratch)
45. Have a family holiday on a houseboat
46. Send mam a card every month (0/34)
47. Be able to do 50 sit ups
48. Be able to do 100 sit ups.
49. Have a body massage
50. Eat Abalone
51. Spend the night with the kids at Werribbee Zoo
52. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
53. Hold a fancy dress party
54. Write a cookbook
55. Hold a snake
56. Ride on a Harley Davidson
57. Try a different recipe every week (0/143)
58. Go horse riding
59. Go somewhere for dinner where we need to dress up
60. Buy some sexy lingerie
61. De-clutter my house (get rid of 1001 items not including general rubbish) (0/1001)
62. Complete a short course of my choice (not works)
63. Sort out photographs
64. Organise all DVD's and CD's
65. Go out for dinner with my sister
66. Listen to Alex read 3 nights per week (0/429)
67. Listen to Oliver read 3 nights per week (0/429)
68. Visit 10 waterfalls (0/10)
69. Ride on a camel
70. Make a pavalova from scratch
71. Go berry picking
72. Play mini golf witht he kids (0/6)
73. Volunteer my time to charity
74. Catch up with Annette when she is in Melbourne
75. Go for a family bike ride every 2 months (0/17)
76. Make my bed everyday
77. Attend Carols by Candlelight
78. Take Ann (Mother in law) out for lunch or dinner
79. Remove the computer from the dining table
80. Sit and watch the sunset
81. Go on a proper picnic
82. Hold a black tie dinner party
83. Sit at the dining table as a family 4 times per week (0/572)
84. Sort out kitchen cupboards
85. Be completely debt free
86. Walk 30 mins per day 3 time per week (0/429)
87. Finish unpacking house from the move
88. Put junk out for hard rubbish collection
89. Spend at least 1 hr per week quality time with Oliver (0/143)
90. Spend at least 1 hr per week quality time with Alex (0/143)
91. Have incredible sex with my husband.
92. Ring my mam once a week (0/143)
93. Ride on an elephant
94. Go body surfing
95. Catch up with Kelee and Roger
96. Visit Clare and Kerry in Sydney
97. Have a lunch or dinner with Vicky
98. Wake up and feel happy with myself
99. Have a pedicure or a pamper session with the girls in the family.
100. Put a $2 coin in a money box for every day of this challenge and do something good with it at the end (thanks Chris for this one)
101. Write a new list.

So there you have it.... I started yesterday!

Off to a jewellery party at Deb's tonight with Sharon, then it's off to a committee meeting Tuesday night - kind of makes up for the quiet weekend, hey?

PS Still feel like crap!!

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