Thursday, October 23, 2008

OMG my sister rang me!

OMG my sister rang me! Not returning a call! Not replying to a message!! It was an out of the blue phone call! I am stoked! We talked for quite a while.

Well last nights visit to the doctors was terrible. Not only has my BP got higher again (170/95 up from 155/95) I burst into tears and blubbered like a little girl in front of the doctor. He reassured me that everything is going to be alright but I really hate not being in control! So I am trying another tablet, Olmetec Plus (40/25), so cross fingers on this one working. Mind you after readying the information leaflet on the drug, I was secretly happy to find that is contains a diuretic (geez my mind is warped!)

Other than my drama's, Oliver is doing well with his hole from his tooth removal! Still walking around showing everyone his tooth and his mouth. In fact the tooth fairy hasn't been allowed to come to our house yet as he still has more people to show. I have been told Sunday would be a good night for her visit - LOL!!

Alex received a "Neat Handwritting" Award yesterday. She was really proud of herself. Her writing really is quite neat. Plus she just keep wanting to spell words out loud all the time and keeps asking "is this how you spell this?" This morning the word was "encyclopedia"!! Not bad for a 7 year old hey?

Better fly - lots to do.

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