Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wow - where did today go?

It was work as normal this morning knowing that I had a 1pm finish to take my poor little boy to the dentist for what we thought would have been a filling... no such luck!! He ended up having his tooth pulled out. Oh how brave Oliver was!

Then it was off to Vic Roads to get a new licence photo, pick up Alex from school, a little bit of shopping and then off to cook dinner which was planned. We had sheperds pie as requested by one and agreed upon by all.

But 3 mouthfuls into my dinner, my mobile rang. It was the football club wondering if I was attending tonight's meeting.... I was, indeed I had planned to eat dinner and be up the clubrooms by 7.30pm - only to find that the meeting was due to start at 7!! But really happy that it was over by 9.30pm. I know I should have rang Sharon when I got in, but sorry just wanted to finish my dinner, have a glass of wine and quickly type this!! Selfish I know...

Nearly time to close my eyes (the rest of the house is asleep) and get ready for another jam packed day in the life of the Murrays.... here is a clue of what I have in store for myself tomorrow. I have to study and finish my Cert IV assessment, go to work, doctors at 5pm, and then be wife, mother, cook and cleaner.... oh no wonder I dream about the Bahamas!!!

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