Sunday, October 19, 2008

OMG I have enjoyed today so far!

It has been a really good day so far.

This morning we had Tom's birthday party. It was at an entertainment arcade, Dark Zone, where the kids played a few games of lazer tag (similar to paint ball but not as violent) and then they played on the arcade games. It was a great party and we all enjoyed ourselves. Yes Noel and I had fun playing on the air hockey even though I came out the loser and yes I still can't drive even playing simulated car racing! LOL!! But it was good - the best thing was that Noel and I laughed together. We had fun together - it seems like forever since we put away the seriousness of life and had uncontrolled fun!

We went shopping after the party - just to get school lunch stuff - bread etc... I needed to get my nails refilled (yes I am a fake nail girl!) so Alex and I went there and the boys came home with the shopping. Alex loves the whole girly thing of being in the nail shop and the fact that they make a fuss over her and paint her nails with what ever colour she chooses. Today was hot pink - I am sure the school will say something tomorrow. Alex and I walked home from the nail shop which was good as we talk about all the flowers in peoples gardens and basically about anything really. It was a good mother/daughter part of the day.

Tonight we are having a BBQ for tea - T-Bone Steaks with baked potatoes, cauliflower cheese and vegetables! Oliver requested the steaks, Noel always loves baked potatoes with his steak, Alex requested the cauliflower cheese and I need vegetables. I have done really well this weekend with my food intake and currently have some soup cooking as I am typing... yum!

My doctor's appointment was disappointing yesterday with my BP going higher even with mega strong tablets! My BP was 155/98 yesterday and I don't know why? Maybe stressing about my BP? The doctor says that I shouldn't stress about going to see him or about anything else! Like as if??????

Anyways better go and finish all what's on the go...

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