Friday, October 24, 2008

Feeling much better today...

I was still feeling quite special about the fact that Claire had rang me until I spoke to my Mam. It was admitted to me that she and Claire had had a humdinger of an argument about me on the phone the other day and the call was probably out of guilt. I feel really sad for Mam that she had two daughters that are quite different in their values, mannerisms and thoughts! Claire accused Mam of always siding with me and I find it funny as I had often thought while growing up that Mam and Dad loved Claire more! Mam told my sister that I had been sick but when she rang I said that all was good with me, why didn’t I tell her the truth? I suppose I just didn’t want to burden her with all the drama’s she has faced lately with Angus.

As far as my new BP medication is going – all seems good. Touch wood of course! I am not feeling as nauseous or dizzy like I did with last weeks lot. Noel actually told me I looked heaps better last night. I know he has been really worried about me and I love him for being my rock!

Finally our other Clare (Noel’s sister) has made contact too. See hasn’t been in contact with anyone for a few weeks and of course, naturally we have all started to worry if she was okay. All seems okay! Unfortunately she has been sick again with a viral infection but seems to be getting better.

Oliver is still proudly displaying his tooth and the deep blood red hole in his mouth – such a boy thing to do!!

Noel and I spoke to the kids about doing a Christmas Shoebox last night (well it was the first that Noel had heard about it too!) and they have really taken to the idea. We are going to start preparing that this weekend. The Christmas Shoebox is a fantastic idea, such a wonderful act of giving to children in Africa who don’t receive presents for Christmas. It’s very simple too. You take a shoebox and fill it will certain items from a list of something! The something’s are something to love, something for school, something to wear, something to play with, something for personal hygiene and something special. You chose whether you box is for a boy or a girl and for what age group. If you want more information here is the website

Happy Birthday Sean!!

Although it’s Sean’s birthday today we won’t catch up with them until Sunday at their place. We are having lunch with him, Vicky and the family on Sunday to celebrate. It will be good to get together as we haven’t caught up since the school holidays.

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