Thursday, October 16, 2008

I really don't like the doctor's.

I must say that it is a glorious day in Melbourne today – shame I am once again inside working!!

Yesterday’s doctors’ appointment saw the same BP result for the last 3 weeks. 130/90 - which didn’t make my doctor that happy at all. But not bragging it is a hell of a sight better than the 168/110 I scored 11 weeks ago!! Needless to say 10 weeks of stronger medication (and not much effort from me to be honest) and my BP is still not “normal”. I left the appointment armed with extra strength tablets and an appointment for Saturday 12pm!

Finally decided I have sooked enough about the result of my doctor’s appointment yesterday. Time to move on in a positive way. Need to overhaul lifestyle and make some serious changes to help reduce my blood pressure and also to become a healthier person – not only for me but for my family!!

Speaking of the family, Noel’s work has gone haywire again and he is doing extra hours left right and centre. The kids are doing really well and enjoying the daylight savings. They have been riding their bikes up to the park and constantly asking if they can go to the milkbar? They only want to go there to buy lollies and they know I know that!

We need to also yell a big
to Tom who turns 8 today!! My how you are growing up into quite a hansome young man. Oliver and Alex are really looking forward to Tom's party on Sunday morning!!!
(This is an old photo of the 3 monkeys but its a nice one!!)

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