Thursday, October 30, 2008

BP and doctors..... we are getting there

Well last night saw another visit to the doctors to get my BP checked. Thankfully this week's result was better and I left his office smiling not crying!! My BP has lowered (now 130/90) which the doctor was happy with but it's still a little high. So same tablets for another week and yes another appointment next Wednesday!

Still buzzing from the fact that Alison and I are finally going to get together. Should be very interesting as we haven't seen each other since high school. Alison has agreed to come over for dinner next Friday night (7th Nov). I am a little nervous but very excited.

Another interesting thing happened to me yesterday. I received a message from Paula on Friend's Reuinted website. I was literally blown away! Of course I immediately sent a message back. I haven't seen Paula for so long now, in fact I just didn't think our paths would cross ever again. We had such a wonderful friendship and did so many things together. It was a shame that we went our own ways... such is life? In her last message (which I received this morning) she has suggested that we catch up, get together for a coffee or lunch.... OMG!! How ace is this??

Looking forward to a long weekend - it's Cup Day here in Melbourne on the Tuesday so I have put in for Annual Leave on Monday.... maybe a sleep in??? You never know??

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