Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's only Tuesday.....

It’s only Tuesday and I am already feeling tired and over it! Tired I suppose due to the weekend catching up. And over it as I can’t wait until next weekend!! Catch 22 right?

Big week this week!! Tonight Noel and Alex are off to “Girl’s Night Out” at the school. This is the first girls night as this is normally reserved for the dad’s and their sons but finally the school has realised that the girls are missing out. It’s from 6 – 9 pm, finger food provided and a bush band. The theme for the night is bush dancing and I so wish I was a fly on the wall to see how Noel copes with the bush dancing and Alex’s enthusiasm!

It is Tom’s birthday on Thursday and he already so excited. Tom stayed with us on Sunday night when my lovely friend Sharon, had her first date with her ‘dream lover’ – finally!!!!! Tom was telling us all about his party, about handing out his invitations, the way he is reminding everyone that he turns 8 on Thursday, etc…. the excitement in his voice is amazing and wonderful to listen to. He is having his party Sunday morning – I hope he has some excitement left by then.

Will have to catch up with my in-laws over the weekend as we haven’t seen them since the school holidays finished. We actually thought that they might want a break from having the kids over the school holidays – LOL!!! But I got the reassuring phone call last night that not only did they have a wonderful time with their grandchildren but that they miss them and wanted to see them soon. Might see if they want to come over for lunch/dinner on Sunday.
~ ~ o 0 O 0 o ~ ~

Oh as I briefly mentioned my girlfriend, yummy mummy Sharon (pictured left - isn't she gorgeous!!) had THE date – all went well even though she was nervous, worried, acting our scenarios of “what if…” etc before he finally knocked on her door to pick her up. A good evening was had I believe and from the brief discussion we have had this date should have happened so long ago it’s not funny but as they say “things happen only when the time is right!” I am really happy for Sharon and so praying things work out well from here on in… I am sure that they will!
~ ~ o 0 O 0 o ~ ~
However on the home front - we still need to pull our fingers out (although we are starting to make a noticeable effort) and get rid of the boxes under the patio. We have a huge garage sale coming up in the near future for sure. I have done some and we actually have a nice bbq area – well half of the patio is usable. We have had a few dinners outside now – roll on Summer and al fresco eating!!

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