Monday, November 03, 2008

It's Monday and we are not at work!

No we are not bludging... it's a long weekend here in Melbourne due to the Melbourne Cup Day. The public holiday is actually tomorrow but Noel and I managed to secure today off as well. Next week is going to be a nice short week at work - only Wednesday to Saturday.

We haven't really done anything exciting!! The kids have been shacked up playing their DS games or watching DVD's whilst Noel and I threw out things for hard rubbish collection all day yesterday! Looking at our naturestrip must admit we are both quite proud of our efforts and I have come to the realisation the I definately am the instigating Hoarder but Noel's not too bad either!

Yesterday was kind of hard especially throwing up things that link me with my dad. Dad died 15 years ago yesterday... I didn't say anything to Noel, but Oliver asked what was wrong when we had a few precious moments together. I rang Mam - just because I wanted to... she knew exactly why! Noel finally found out and asked my why I didn't remind him. I don't think I have too!

Today will be another day of box sorting but the house is looking much better. Tom is stopping over tonight as Sharon (who I must say is in LOVE!) is having date #2 with her Dream Man! In between my boxes I have offered to make a lasagne for Sharon's dinner tonight as she has been called into work today and won't have time to cook anything! Take-away is not an option when you are just starting out in a relationship... it's up to her if she fesses up to who actually made it! hahaha!!

Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup - the race that stops the Nation... We are off to the Coopers for a BBQ lunch - should be fun!

Better fly as I must stop procrastinating, get off my bum and continue sorting....

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