Thursday, September 22, 2005

Where did that 24 hours go?

Talk about a blink and missed it situation. That's pretty much what happened when I go home.

Most of the day it was rush rush busy busy. Before I left for work I managed to do my 25 minute Core Secrets DVD using the fitball.. it is actually an exercise program that I like. As usual work was busy but I spent the day in the office and not in my weighbridge so therefore working with the manager near by I had to look like I was working... lol!!! Finished work and rushed home via the shops.

Finally the time had come to meet with Vicki to go for the walk we had planned. The excitement has been building for some time now and like I have said before it seems like we've know each other for years. We walked and talked about everything and anything for an hour. Well Vicki, you made the walk memborable - thank you for taking time to meet with me - I am sure that we are going to become close freinds. Many more walks to come I hope.

Got home, started on dinner and Noel came home with the kids. It is like they were away for ages not just one night - I am sure that they have both grown. We got them organised for bed, ate dinner and then watched Spicks and Specks. I then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch - Noel swears it is my second bed as the minute I sit down on it I am asleep!! LOL!!

So needless the say another day has gone and I missed my post.... shame. But this will make up for last night - better late than never.

Chat again tonight.

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