Saturday, September 17, 2005

My first day is nearly over.

Just to put an end to my first day as an offical "blog".

The afternoon went quite fast with Oliver going to one of his friend's houses for a few hours to play whilst Noel, Alex and myself did the shopping run. As usual just as we got out of the car in the carpark the heavens opened up and you guessed we were parked so far away from the door.... incidental exercise!! Running to the shops Alex was yelling "it's like being in a big shower!!"

After food shopping we went to a few camping stores as we are looking to buy a new tent for camping on the Cup Weekend (early Nov). There are so many to chose from, so it is a really hard decision. I think we have narrowed it down to 2 designs although there is actually nothing wrong with the tent we have we just want a bigger one. You can actually go mad in those camping stores and buy everything including the kitchen sink if you really wanted too!! Not sure where we are going this trip but it will be somewhere in the bush!!

I have to confess I would never have set up this blog (although I have thought about doing it for some time) if it wasn't for inspiration received from others especially a new friend named Vicki. It is like we have know each other for years but to date we haven't met or even spoken. However we do plan to catch up Monday for a walk in the evening - if this rain ever goes away. So thankyou Vicki! You have already become an inspiration to me and I wish you all the success in your weight loss journey. We can take all those little steps together.

So I will goodnight to you all as I need to get dinner ready so the kids and I can sit down and watch "Wizard of Oz" tonight - yes another musical!!

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Vicki said...

Awww shucks. thanks for the lovely words.


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