Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Out like a light....

Once again I managed to not post... this is becoming a habit!!

After eating dinner later than usual I sat on the couch and you guessed it fell asleep!! Noel once again managed to wake me up and aim me down the hallway towards the bedroom.... hence why I am blogging at 6.30am!!


Yesterday was a draining day at work mentally with the feeling of being a telemarketer after calling all of our customers to inform them that one of our products had run out... stop supply until Thursday. Many took it well but there were a few that were just painful about the situation. I swear they think that they are the only ones that buy rock of us!

Got home, organised the kids dinner and the minute Noel walked in the door I walked out. Off to pick up Vicki for a walk - not divorce!!

Strange walk last night as I don't think I had ever walked in the dark for exercise purposes... many nights walking home from pubs when I was younger though. But it was really good except my sights were focussed more on the dim shadows of the park than actually making eye contact with Vicki as we chatted away madly! But armed with my Bonus Buddy, a pedometer, it was noted that we walk just over 4kms - geez didn't think 4 laps of our park was that long... my legs definately feel it this morning.

Off to Weight Watchers tonight - it is the second last meeting for Seaford. Oh well I am a little sad about it but I am looking forward to going to the meetings with Vicki now on a Thursday night.

Better fly must get ready for work etc etc.......


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