Monday, September 19, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away...

Well as usual the weather here in Melbourne turned for the worse. The few rays of sunshine we received in the afternoon were of course short lived and as I was nearly home when raindrops appeared on the windscreen. "This is all wrong" I remember thinking "I am meant to be going for a walk tonight and more importantly I am meant to be meeting Vicki!!" It wasn't meant to be. So a few emails later and we have prosponed out long awaited meeting until Wednesday night.

Dreaded rain... absolutely spoiled my fun!!!!!!!!

Work wise my day was rush, rush, rush. I am facing a week full of month end procedures topped with an assessment that I am required to complete for my Certificate IV Workplace Trainer Assessor that I am attempting to successfully pass. Today I did one assessment on a fellow workmate that I have had to write, trial and assess the lucky candidate on. I have two more assessments to complete before I submit my work for my assessment. I have been chosen to complete this course through work and to be honest do not want the hassle of failing and dealing with management. I think I should do okay!!

School holidays have begun and Oliver is at his grandparent's house for the next few days. Alex will be going there tomorrow (Tuesday) night for a sleepover. It is amazing how much you miss your child when they are away from you for just one night. I miss Oliver not just because he isn't here but I miss just talking with him and being able to cuddle him when I want to. He will be having a ball with his grandparents and not even giving us a second thought.

Although both of us miss the children when we are apart Tuesday night will be different for us all. Normally I attend the Weight Watchers meeting where I am the recorder (money taker) and have been for some months now. Noel gets to spend quality time with the children whilst I am working at the meeting. So as both the children are at his mother's house tomorrow night the night is sure to be something different. Saying that I am sure that nothing exciting will happen except maybe get a head start on the housework.

It is our 12th wedding anniversary this Sunday. Nothing has been planned to date but we have tossed around the idea of having a lunch here with just the family. Will see what happens.....

But at the moment I am too tired to think about it and will say goodnight!!


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