Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The house is so quiet????

It's too quiet.... no fighting, no sooking, no whinging..... it is just so strange!

Our house is so quiet at the moment as both of our children are at their grandparent's house for a midweek sleepover - got to love school holidays!! While I am sure that both Noel and I will enjoy the quietness and relaxing atmosphere that our home has for a change it always makes us both question what we did before we had the children? Our life always seems so full but nights like tonight, although enjoyable, are just outright weird!!

Saying that, I could just run through the house naked and see if that changes the atmosphere any!! LOL!!!

I have just returned from my Weight Watchers meeting where I recieved two dissappointments. Firstly I put on weight this week - deep down I knew I had, I could feel it, but still seeing it on the scales is horrible. Secondly we were told that Weight Watchers had finally decided to close our meeting due to a lack of numbers and a lack of sales... yes like everything in this world it is down to the dollar value of the exercise. NOT the fact that we are doing the community a service and actually helping people lose weight and lose weight correctly. Geez couldn't put that into the equation!! Bottom line definately money talks.

Vicki, if you are reading this, I hope all went well with Jason.... my thoughts are with you both.

I had a boring day at work today filled with endless paperwork and a computer competency that seemed to take forever to complete.... not to mention bored me even more to tears.

Off to make some noise.........

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