Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh what a night

By the time work finished I was well and truly over it!! We had a very busy morning but a really slow afternoon. There are so many things that I am focussing on at the moment and work is definately not on off them!

It is our wedding anniversary on Sunday and we are planning on having the family over to join us for the day - not celebrate as that is just too formal - we will cook a late lunch or early dinner and just plod on during the afternoon. My sister and her family plus Noel's mam and dad will be coming over and with a bit of luck so will Sean, Noel's brother, and his wife Vicky therefore it should be a great afternoon. We have not really planned it to be an afternoon of celebration (we haven't organised a band to play... hehehehe) it is really just a family get together. To be honest that is all we both want - you know to spend the aday with people that are close and enjoy the day without all the hype..... So it is 12 years this Sunday - and yes we got married on Grand Final day in 1993!! Can't even tell you who was playing!! I just asked Noel and he said maybe Essendon and Carlton but he isn't 100% sure. Not that is matters as the 25th September 1993 was our day - not 44 men running around chasing a leather ball.

Talking about football I cannot believe that The Footy Show has the right to start early and I don't get to watch "You are what eat!!" I love the show - infact 9 times out of 10 I get really motivated after watching it and end up having a wonderful week.

I had a call from Vicki this evening - it was her 1st weigh in tonight and although she has noted a change in her overall cms the scales weren't as friendly.. in fact there was no change weight wise. Maybe the additional exercise and the change to her eating plan plus the fact that she has also given up the fags (for which I am really proud of her) has had a balancing effect this week. I am sure that next week will be a different story as far as the scales go!! Cross fingers on the Melbourne weather tomorrow as we are planning another walk so that means another chat - yey!

Well tomorrow is another day and I am off to bed now....

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Vicki said...

awww fanks mate. I'm feeling better now about the no loss. Looking foward to our walk


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