Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The walking is working

Weight Watchers tonight and I know that walking is definately a way to go......

After a 3 walks with my new friend Vicki (1 was 3kms and the other 2 were 4kms) this week I lost 1kgs and that is just wonderful - especially as I did have a big weekend food and alcohol wise. Afterall celebrating cannot be done lightly, right?? Anyway I am still smiling from the loss.

New promise to self..... must stay within my points, go for another 3 walks (hopefully) plus do other exercise this week.

Noel's sister, Clare (yes another Clare - we both have little sisters named Claire/Clare) was meant to be flying into Melbourne this weekend but plans have changed - so needless to say Saturday night is off. Clare had plan to stay with us on that night and that normally ends up with us all being trashed but LOL we do enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately the next time we may see her now is at Christmas time but in all honesty it is not really that far away.

Won't be long before the fat man in the red suit comes to visit.... LOL!!


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