Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary!!

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversay!!

Wow who would have thought we would survive being together for so long. We sure have had our share of ups and downs but I know that we wouldn't change the last 12 married years for anything. Sounds corny I know but no matter what is often said in jest we love each other.

This morning was romantically spent still cleaning up the place for our family to come over. Mind you the place doesn't look much different than it did yesterday especially after a hurricane of 5 children aged 7 - 1 spent the afternoon playing!! However I got a wonderful card from Noel for anniversary - actually reduced me to tears. It wasn't the card, which was really nice, it was what he wrote proves that he is a true romantic at heart!!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It must have gone well as every one left by 8pm!! And they arrived at 2p.m. ! Packed with plates of food we thanked them for coming and I must admit I enojoyed myself today!! It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with family especially my sister. It was a really good time for us both and she even left with Oliver tonight so he gets another sleep over - lucky him.

Didn't walk today but I can say that my legs can feel yesterday's efforts. I am proud that I have been making the effort to walk and it is great to have someone to walk with - hey Vicki I know that you are reading this!! Cross fingers that we will be able to pace around the park on Monday after work. I found my bonus buddy so I will see how many steps I do in a day now.

Until tomorrow.............


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