Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grand Final Day and no interest...

Well today was Grand Final Day and as a family of St. Kilda supporters I must say that we weren't at all interested... funny really as in 1993 we weren't interested in who was playing either as we got married on the day of sporting celebration!! Can't even tell you who was playing that year. This year the Swans (Sydney) won... roll on the 2006 season. Carn the saints!!

Things that were on my mind today were my sister, Claire, planning tommorrow's family get together, wondering if the house would ever be clean enough and I had a few fleeting, thoughts okay they weren't fleeting at all, I admit, about Noel's brother and his wife.

Okay grab a drink this may turn into a long one!!

Claire is my little sister, she is 6 years younger, and it is only as we have grown up that I have learned how much a truely beautiful woman she has become. She is so accommodating for everyone especially me. If I work and need help with the kids she is there. Unconditionally she has both of our children when we ask and it never seems to be the wrong time or a hassle even when she is dealing with 3 boys of her own. I think the way that she is much loved and liked by all that meet her is very deserving and selfishly, I believe that I am truly jealous of her as a person.

The house never seems to stay clean no matter how many hours go into cleaning the damn place. The strangest thing is that we are only home about 25% of the week. We are both at work full time, Oliver is a school and Alex is at creche for the same hours as us and yet it is like a hurricane has gone through the house each week without fail!! Why?? No rest for the wicked - isn't that what they say? There is obviously a conspiracy happening somewhere!!

Tommorrow is officially our wedding anniversary - 12 years!! We thought it would be wonderful if we could get both families together, have a meal and chat - you know nothing formal at all. We almost succeeded as we had confirmations from both my sister and Noel's parents but a phone call last night confirmed that Sean and Vicky were NOT attending a family do AGAIN!! To be honest I am at the point of not even bothering to invite them. There always has to be a reason, and I mean a good reason, for them being invited and then it is still iffy as to whether you get an acceptance. The majority of the time and sadly for Sean, he turns up by himself. Maybe it is because we didn't give a good enough reason (we didn't come out and say it's our wedding anniversary!) however we mentioned discussing Christmas BUT we all know that Vicky has an issue with spending too long at a family function on our side of their marraige. This is starting to sound bitchy but I will be the first one to put my hand up and say that I am really get sick of her antics - and I also know that I am not the only Murray who is. I had better stop here.... To be honest I don't think Noel will like this post!!

This evening I went for a walk with Vicki, my friend, amd we actually did four laps of the park instead of the three we have done previously.. and it was wonderful - I feel great this evening.

On a brighter note - it is our day for celebration tomorrow and I am sure that it will be a great day overall. A bbq is on the menu (yum) plus if the weather stays nice maybe the kids can all go to the park behind our house for a while - but the major plan is just to relax with our family.

Told you it was going to be long - hopefully you didn't fall asleep reading...... I have brain drain now so I am off to bed!!

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