Friday, September 30, 2005

Roast pork and crackle........

Okay it is confession time!

I got home from work last night and cooked a really yummy roast pork dinner. The potatoes were roasted using cooking spray not oil and the only bad thing that was cooking was the crackle on the roast itself plus the extra piece of crackle I had added. As a family of crackle lovers, I knew that I needed to cook the extra piece even if I wasn't eating any.... I was determined.

Anyhow a hour or so later, the smell filling the house was delish and several wines had been consumed!!


It wasn't that the temptation was too great (maybe a little bit). I honestly just wanted to eat it and I wasn't going to sit and watch the rest of the family chomp away!! To make matters worse I managed to eat a few extra potatoes drowned in a gravy (used the meat juices and a little fat) along with a massive piece of crackle.

Feeling sick and ashamed of myself, I went to bed and watch "You are what you eat" and sooked!!

But sore belly and I can't sleep.... yawn

Big shout out to Vicki - way to go this week 2.3kgs is a great outcome for all your hard work.

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