Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sibling rivalry

The wind has been blowing for most of the day with rain scattered here and there of varying strengths. At one stage the weather radar looked like a kids colouring book with no colours staying between the lines. It was quite dark at Harkaway for most of the day so being indoors staring at the computer screen wasn't that bad afterall except for the workload!!

Braved the elements and walked again with Vicki!! Legs definately hurting tonight and by the three lap I was absolutely knackered!! LOL!! But we kept walking and completed the 4th lap of the park. Just as I dropped Vicki back at her house it started to rain - so the timing was right!! The walking must be doing us both good as a car full of lads drove past with one yelling "Show us your tits!!" Idiots!! We must be doing something right with this Weight Watchers thing!! LOL!!

Alex was so excited going to creche today as it was the day of "Wild Action". An incursion where reptiles are brought to schools etc to educate children about animals that are not commonly seen. Wild Action were at the creche last year and Alex remembered what happenend that day therefore she was very eager to get out of the house this morning. I must admit it makes it a lot easier when your child actually wants to go off to school!! When I picked her up from creche I was shown a photo of Alex holding a snake with the biggest smile on her face and not looking the least bothered as to what was there in her hands. She was chatting away at an incredible speed about all the animals and this and that.... wow she must of had a great day.

Oliver returned to our house tonight after yet another sleep over at Aunty Claire's - she is very popular at the moment!! Oliver enjoyed himself and hasn't stopped talking about everything since we came home. He sounded like he had quite an adventure today including a stop at Hungry Jacks for lunch which he quite proudly told his sister about.... grrrrrrr!!!!

Then it was on for young and old.......................

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