Monday, November 09, 2009

It's gonna be a hot one..... the week that is.

Well after a huge and hot weekend here in Melbourne we now face the prospect of a whole week with temperatures in the high 20's and into the 30's on some days.

Melbourne's weather forecast looks like this....

Monday ~ 34 deg C
Tuesday ~ 32 deg C
Wednesday ~ 27 deg C
Thursday ~ 29 deg C
Friday ~ 31 deg C
Saturday ~ 35 deg C
Sunday ~ 34 deg C

As you can imagine we are approaching fire season here, and quite a lot of Victoria are paniced by last summer's fires especially on Black Saturday ~ a day a lot of us remember but would prefer to forget. The loss of lives, property, belongings, livestock and even pets is still so much in the forefront of everyone's memories that we are all reading and talking about this year's strategies for fighting and controlling any fires that will happen.

On a happier note "Baby Murray" is due to be born on Friday .... and I think the whole Murray family is excited and eagerly awaiting his or her arrival. I don't envy Vicky being pregnant in this heat though... poor thing!

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